Ryan Branco

Born and raised in Northern California where he spent every second he could outside. In the woods, on the creeks rivers and lakes. Fishing and hunting is an ongoing passions in his life. Joining the Navy straight out of high school he found his niche in the Navy’s special warfare program of Aviation Search and Rescue Swimmers. 25 years later still on active duty, currently stationed in the Bahamas where he enjoys free diving the crystal clear waters spearfishing with pole-spears and Hawaiian slings. The deep waters also giving up the bounty of multiple species of tuna, mahi, wahoo and more grouper than you can taco! Spiny lobster and conch are also staples in his underwater adventures. Ryan spends a vast majority of his fishing time in the water rather than on it. You can see his adventures in and on the water on Instagram: @ryno_48 or Facebook: Ryan Branco

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