Who we are

First and foremost, we are a group of offshore and wildlife enthusiasts. Our CEO is a USCG Certified Master Captain and commercial fisherman. Prior to becoming a charter captain, he spent his entire adult life freediving and spearfishing in the open ocean off of the coast of North and South Carolina.

“Few environments compare to the peacefulness, tranquility, excitement, isolation, and sometimes treacherousness of the high seas. For me, it is a reminder of self sufficiency and at the same time, humility. As soon as you think you are prepared for what the ocean has to throw at you, a harsh reminder of your fragile mortality is often served up”
~Chad Harrelson

After spending a lifetime on the water, we realized that there are very few products available that are designed to meet the extreme conditions faced by the offshore angler, day in and day out. When the Odyssey crew leaves the dock, it is usually well before sunrise and we typically return well after dark, having traveled over 200 miles round trip, often in less than ideal conditions. In those situations, your gear simply has to perform. You must be able to trust it to protect you and keep you comfortable all day long. And that’s what we aim to do. Equip you with the necessary tools to make your offshore adventures successful, while in pursuit of life on the ledge.

Currently, Odyssey Offshore is creating hard working performance apparel that helps you do the things you love under the sun. Every stitch has a purpose – from keeping you cool, shielding you from the sun’s harmful radiation and allowing you to just be comfortable while you’re offshore, inshore or on land. We truly believe that we have created the ultimate outdoor performance shirt. It is the only shirt that shields the Odyssey crew on every journey.

“The comfort and safety of shore cannot hold those who are called by the deep.”
~Christine Harrelson

Our Mission

Offshore fishing is more than reeling in fish. It’s the pursuit of prey. It’s a tradition of preparation, understanding animal behavior and the influence of weather and the seasons. It’s an investment in time, money and relationships. Odyssey Offshore is committed to creating products that ready anglers to fully enjoy their passion. We design high quality wearables to keep our customers comfortable and protected and without distractions from outer layers. Every detail from design to customer service receives our full attention and is executed with pride and purpose.

The custom performance hooded fishing shirts we ordered are incredibly hign quality. the shirts are cut for fishermen. It's like an athletic cut. Nothing hangs or is baggy to catch your rod. Nor is it too tight. Customer service is top notch too. Highly recommended.