Ryan Branco

Born and raised in Northern California where he spent every second he could outside. In the woods, on the creeks rivers and lakes. Fishing and hunting is an ongoing passions in his life. Joining the Navy straight out of high school he found his niche in the Navy’s special warfare program of Aviation Search and Rescue Swimmers.

Jeremy Zobel

Born in Buffalo NY. Jeremy has been a fisherman all his life. Starting with warm water, into the anadromous species of the great lakes to finally the largest game fish of the salt.All fish pose a unique experience in their pursuit and Jeremy has traveled throughout North America pursuing them......

Jeff Stroh

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Pennsylvania and Texas, Jeff has been a fisherman all of his life. Whether it was fishing for Bull Red in the wake of a coming hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico with his father or fly fishing for Trout in the streams of PA as a teenager......