Jeff Stroh

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Pennsylvania and Texas, Jeff has been a fisherman all of his life. Whether it was fishing for Bull Red in the wake of a coming hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico with his father or fly fishing for Trout in the streams of PA as a teenager, he has always strived to master the species of his surroundings. Jeff later entered the military and became a Special Forces Officer and continued the pursuit of mastering his environment, foreign or domestic. Despite a busy career in the military, Jeff always found time to study and hunt the local fish species. Jeff, now retired from the military, spends his time between the Gulf of Mexico slaying giant Grouper and fishing on the Odyssey for Bluefin Tuna. Jeff is currently studying for his Charter Boat Captain’s license and plans to give back to the wounded and veteran community through multiple programs that offer benefits and discounts for military fishing adventures.

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